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CLAKS®, Chemical and Hazardous Substances Inventory Management Systems

As hundred of thousands of chemical compounds are being produced, used and stored in laboratories as well as in industry worldwide, the international and European Union laws, like the 12. BImSchG (Federal Immissions Act), demand the institutions maintain specific information on storage of their chemicals.
With the assurance of safety and accuracy, these demands can only be met by an on line electronic data management systems which is efficient and cost-effective.

Inventory management of chemicals that includes industrial chemicals, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals deals with very complicated relationship between hazardous and safety information and laws, like the GefstoffV (Hazardous Substances Decree) or the ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress, EC Directive 67/548/EWG, 67/548/EEC), that control them. Developing such an extensive and complex system is indeed expensive.

LCI Publisher, for more than two decades, has been a pioneer and the leader in development of electronic data management for both scientific institutions and chemical industry. The CLAKS, one of our products developed jointly by experienced chemists and computer experts, is especially designed for managing chemical data at both small and large institutions. It is based on and supported by our own database that contains over 100,000 chemicals.

With a user friendly and easy to use interface, CLAKS runs on both intranet and Internet. Advanced Client/Server operations of CLAKS are safe and secure. High speed data transfer takes place over TCP/IP connection with highest reliability.

Main features of CLAKS

  • Fast and easy online data input and maintenance
  • Keep track of stock in use and in warehouse storage
  • Control access authorization at various levels
  • Generation of lists of hazardous substances for the 12. BImSchG (Federal Immissions Act)
  • Cheep and rapid inventory of chemicals
  • Userfriendly online use of the System
  • Access to a validated database of materials
  • Automatic barcode entry and printing for containers
  • Exchange and share data with other data management systems
  • Incorporates International and European Union laws and standards

CLAKS is a protected and safe client/server system, developed both for intranet and internet. CLAKS is based on linkage between userfriendly online windows and one object oriented SciDex database. The permanent information transfer run over TCP/IP protocol. CLAKS offers highest speed as well as highest reliability. CLAKS communicates over permanent flow of information with any other data management systems over optional interfaces. A database of materials, containing validated chemistry and hazard information as well as European Union and International laws and standards, could be supplied with CLAKS. Of course, authorized users are able to add new substances and information to the system. This site describes the functions and content of CLAKS. Special changes or adaptions our system to your working place are always possible.