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SciDex is a software system which can organize scientific data, information and knowledge. SciDex can be used to manage your own private data within your institute as well as to distribute your knowledge worldwide as a database.


  • SciDex is an object-oriented database management system with the following principles which enable knowledge to be created from data:
    • it will run on most platforms (client/server system accessible from all platforms)
    • it protects sensitive data
    • it will handle data from chemistry, physics, biology and engineering
  • Scientific data are not only numbers and texts but complex records and rules (knowledge). Only an object-oriented database, as opposed to a simple SQL database, can pay attention to the following:
    • data are numbers, texts, graphics and functions embedded as an object
    • data depend on other data. Thus, records are hierarchically ordered and crosslinked
    • a search function is not a "find what's written" but a request of knowlegde
    • a search function is an operator of the data

An object-oriented system can be very complex if all rules have to be defined by the user.
Therefore, SciDex has many rules predefined. This makes SciDex easy to use.
SciDex is based on a client/server technology. The client is the visible program (front end) whereas the server is the database management system.
This server can run on the same PC as the client as well as on every other Windows PC.
This allows the use of the same technology for multiple applications, like inhouse on a standalone PC, inhouse in an intranet and online in the internet, using all platforms via browsers.

The complete database or even every single record in a SciDex system can be protected.
The reasons for such a security system might rise to prevent the unauthorized copy of a commercial database and to protect sensitive recorded data against misuse by users.

SciDex can include in only one system knowledge and rules from Chemistry (structures, substructure search, etc.), Biology (enzyms, plant families, etc.), Physics (deduction of physical parameters from other parameters), and Engineering (material properties). SciDex has the functionalities of a database management system, a spreadsheat program and a graphics software to meet the requirements in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering.

SciDex is object-oriented both in data and program structure.
It combines the functionalities of database management, spreadsheet analysis and data publication in just one program.
Scientific data is split into the three domains "compounds", "properties" and "references".
Search functions retrieve lists of these data.
The lists themselves are objects with can be modified, combined and transformed easily.
Important features are the compare functions to create lists of pairs with can be analized with QSPR (Quantitative Structure/Property Relationships) methods.
"Compounds" in SciDex can represent clearly defined compounds (only one structure), mixtures defined by multiple structures, polymers, reaction schemes, products defined only by names, specifications of other compounds (labelled compounds, by suppliers, by process numbers, by production days etc.).
"Properties" in SciDex can be numerical data of any kind (physical properties, biological data, prices, etc.), texts, diagrams and tables, pictures as well as records combining all kinds of properties.
"References" could be represented by links to literature (information retrieval systems), by links to laws (chemistry security systems), by suppliers as well as by storage places and locations.


The SciDex technology could be used with various degrees of functionality:
  • Viewer:
    The viewer is a runtime solution for a specific database, which is provided by LCI Publisher on request. The viewer program has the same functionality as the base version, but has no edit functions and cannot open other databases. It is best used for chemical catalogues, compound indices and databases of materials.
  • Base version:
    The base version allows use of all database functions, but there is no password and keyword protection of databases.
  • Host version:
    The host version allows password and keyword protection of database in addition to the functions of the Base Version.


Learn to use SciDex with the documentation.


The first applications of SciDex are:
  • 29Si-NMR 2.0, Database on Silicon NMR
  • Landolt-Börnstein - Index of Organic Compounds, Subvolume A, B & C and Subvolume D, E & F
  • CLAKS, Chemicals Kataster Online System
  • Landolt-Börnstein´s Online Index of compounds

Recommended Hardware & Operating Systems Requirements

  • 166 Pentium
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 10 MB hard disk space.
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista